Hands on Training

All courses are taught using animal tissue, carcass and simulation models. Ratio is usually 1:1 to 3:1. All courses are strictly hands on and it is mandatory for all to complete all modules


We provide certificate of completion for all courses. These can be used as evidence of continuing professional development


We develop our own prototypes of instruments. These are produced at economical prices so that the candidates can afford to purchase a set and take them back with them. This enables them to immediately put the training into their clinical practise.

High end optical equipment

We provide high end optical equipment to ensure that the training is identical or simulates a real operating room environment. We strongly encourage the use of gloves, gown, and other sterile practices to simulate OR environment.


All candidates have to appear for an end of the course examinations. Completion certification is only granted on passing the examination. A high quality plaque is presented to all participants to display in their clinical practise.

Next Steps...

Places are limited on all courses. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Courses can be reserved by sending an email to salizahealthcare@gmail.com